Dear Lakeside Families,

As we navigate through these changing times, please know all of us at Lakeside are wishing you and your families health and well-being. We know our amazing staff will work tirelessly to support your children and their learning. They have created activities for this week in line with our current curriculum to provide continuity of learning for your children. It is our goal to increase the interactions between children and teachers to provide feedback and an experience more closely aligned to school. We are also expanding the activities that students should complete on a weekly basis to include a wider variety of areas. Some of what you can expect to see this week is listed below:

Use of technology to provide interactive lessons.
Teachers monitoring student work through various platforms that students are familiar with, and some that are new to all of us.
Institution of “office hours” where students/parents can have questions answered or receive feedback on their work. This will be one hour per day, Monday through Friday. During this time, teachers will be available to answer emails or make phone calls to students/parents. The predetermined hour per day will be communicated to you by your child’s teacher. If you have a question outside of these hours, please understand it may be answered during the following school day’s office hour.
Inclusion of enrichment activities for your children to complete in the areas of PE, Art, Music, FLES, Library and/or Computer.

We understand that some technological platforms teachers are using may be unfamiliar to parents. In order to help support you, we have included a technology support section on our website. This will include directions to access the various websites and resources, as well as contact information for tech support should you have difficulty.

It is our expectation that students participate as they would in their regular classrooms throughout the week. Teachers will be monitoring the attendance and schoolwork of students and will communicate with families if there are concerns. If your child is struggling to participate in class meetings or complete assignments, please communicate with your child’s teacher.

Please know we are available via email. If you need to speak to a teacher or us, please email us a phone number that is best to reach you at and we will contact you. Thank you for continuing to work with us to provide the best education we can for your children through these unprecedented times.

Attached are the school assignments for the week of March 23.


With warm regards,
Libby Trencheny and Justin Gabrus