All of the students at Lakeside School are thrilled to be participating in the Hour of Code, celebrating Computer Science week!

Students have been using their accounts on to program 2D characters in Angry Birds, Minecraft, Star Wars, Dance parties and more! They are also coding robots this week!

Kindergarten and first grade students are learning computer programming with Code Mouse, a robot that uses arrows for directional commands. Each arrow command that is programmed by students moves the mouse through a maze get to the cheese. The students are using computer programming principals for sequencing commands (ordering directions), to complete a task (algorithm). If the directions are in the wrong order they have to debug (fix) their program and be persistent and try again until they succeed. Our students are showing amazing enthusiasm and persistence!

Students in upper grades are using these same computer science concepts and building on them when they use the Blockly app to program the robot Dash to look, move, make sounds, flash lights and react to its environment. Teams work collaboratively, taking turns as the lead programmer, robot wrangler, and documentarian. 

We love kicking off our Computer Science coding unit with the Hour of Code, which is celebrated around the world!!