District Models Personalized Blended Learning App

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Merrick UFSD officials recently invited technology educators from local school districts on Long Island to observe how Merrick teachers are shaping the technology students use in the classroom on a daily basis through a personalized learning platform called eSpark. Merrick, which began using eSpark six years ago, is considered a model district for using the application.

Guests had the opportunity to visit several K-3 classrooms at Birch School  and see how eSpark allows students to utilize different online materials and resources for blended learning aligned to leveled reading standards while meeting the different needs of individual students. eSpark, which is currently being used on iPads in the district, also enables teachers to deliver targeted small group instruction while saving valuable time in lesson planning.

Merrick teachers participated in a Q&A session with the visiting educators to share their insights on the benefits of the program, including how eSpark interphases with student schedules and work and allows them to create specific assignments for certain students or for grade-level curriculum, including for Fundations (reading, writing, phonetic awareness).