Dancing With the Birch Stars

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Birch School students recently went dancing with the stars. This wasn’t an appearance on the popular network television dance show, but rather a chance for them to bring a star of their own to dance, all for a good cause. 

The Birch PTA hosted a special theater residency dance, “Dancing With the Stars of Birch’s ‘Annie Jr.’” The voluntary event took place in the Birch School auditorium on a recent Friday evening.  Proceeds from the dance benefited the Birch theater residency.

Birch students could attend one of three grade-appropriate dance sessions. K-2 students were afforded the opportunity to invite a star parent or guardian. Cast members of the school’s upcoming theater residency production of “Annie Jr.”  also served as stars for the evening and even performed a little preview of their upcoming production. 

“Annie Jr.” will take place at the Birch auditorium on March 28 at 7 p.m. and March 29 at 4:30 p.m. Lesley Wade directs; Robert Normandeau is the musical director. Brandi Fernandez and Marianna Psakis chair the Birch theater residency, which consists of more than 60 cast and crew members. Thanks to all who participated in the dance!