Sound Engineers

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Fourth-graders at Levy Lakeside School recently conducted some experiments on the power of sound, with help from a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) educator from Hofstra University.

Working in small groups, Hofstra master teacher and STEAM educator Christina Drago-Botti led students in different experiments conducted in Lakeside’s STEAM lab. Students were asked to choose from various materials to build the best sound barrier. They also attempted to use the sound of clapping their hands to move grains of salt seated on a Styrofoam cup and even strung two cups together to determine how sound travels. Drago-Botti also showed students how to measure sound using a decibel meter and shared videos that demonstrated how decibel level has the power to shatter glass – even a windshield! Pictured are students in Denise Crowley’s class learning all about sound.