Lakeside Dance-a-Thon Raises $5,854

Lakeside Dance-a-Thon Raises $5,854 photo thumbnail118200

On March 29 the Lakeside Student Council Crew held their annual dance-a-thon. It was a blast! The Lakeside fourth, fifth and sixth graders danced for the Sunrise Day Camp and Phoenix House. We raised $2,643 for the Phoenix House and $3,211 for the Sunrise Day Camp. In total, we raised $5,854. At the dance-a-thon the students won prizes, and sang and danced to all the songs played by the DJ and dancers from Party Harty, which donated their services because we were dancing for charities that day. We owe them a HUGE thank-you!

There was also an amazing photographer that took many pictures of the students having fun. Everyone at the dance-a-thon wore the same T-shirt, which was handed out the day before the big event. The T-shirt was designed by Luca Kaplan, a fourth grader at Levy Lakeside. During the dance-a-thon, the kids signed each other’s shirts so they would have a keepsake from this special event. Other fun activities included The Coke & Pepsi Game, Simon Says and a dance circle. 

The dance-a-thon was one of the most fun events of the school year. The best part was that while we were having so much fun, we were doing so much to help others!

–written by Leah P.