STEAM Day at Birch

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An annual tradition continued at Birch School as it recently conducted STEAM Day, which was filled with science, technology, engineering, arts and math activities that sparked curiosity and promoted ingenuity in young students.

STEAM Day brought the entire school together, as older students guided younger students through multiple stations in which students designed and built structures from recycled materials and also coded to navigate robots through various challenges and mazes. They designed and crafted Hoop Gliders that flew through the air and creatively moved objects Rube Goldberg style. Dominoes were utilized to tell time and index cards were constructed into towers capable of holding multiple textbooks. Students also created and decoded secret messages and even launched their own rockets. Several classrooms were transformed into “escape rooms” where students demonstrated their critical thinking skills by solving puzzles to help them break out. 

The Birch School STEAM Day committee and the teachers planned many exciting and invigorating activities to engage every student on this special day.