Chatterton Heroes Helping Others

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During the final three months of the school year, Chatterton School students of all grade levels are hard at work completing their service learning projects for the year. Each grade level has been working with a charity to conduct inspiring, generous acts in connection with the social-emotional learning program Lions Quest.

To highlight some of the wonderful things happening at Chatterton, teachers shared the projects that will be completed by each grade:

• Kindergarten students are collecting and donating gently used books to the Book Fairies, a program that distributes books to other schools or children in need throughout the tristate area. 
• First graders are conducting a drive they named “Pennies 4 Paws,” collecting pennies and donating them to the local animal shelter Bobbi and the Strays. 
• Second graders placed personal messages inside of donated books and DVDs and sent 16 boxes of them to the Zucker Hillside Hospital in Queens. 
• Third graders will be taking a trip to the Community Cupboard at Brookside School in May to collect and organize food donations that help feed 35 families in the Bellmore-Merrick community. 
• Fourth graders will be making laminated meal placemats to donate to The Inn soup kitchen in Hempstead, decorating them with pretty pictures and positive messages. 
• Fifth graders recently mentored incoming kindergarten students as a part of the incoming kindergarten orientation. The fifth graders read books and completed a fun art activity with their future schoolmates, and discussed ways to be kind and serve as a positive influence in the school community. 
• Sixth graders have been completing acts of kindness around the community, and asking sponsors to donate money to send to the Reason2Smile organization, which supports orphans and at-risk children in Africa. This charity has been near and dear to those in the school for several years.

Congratulations to all of the Chatterton students for doing their part to help others in and around their community and abroad, and making the world a better place!