June 14, 2019

Dear Community Members:

Today, signs were posted on the doors of Birch School regarding upcoming asbestos abatement. This work is part of the summer construction projects planned for the school. Similar notices will also be posted at Chatterton School and Lakeside School. Notices have been posted now, prior to the work commencing, in order to comply with the legal timelines for public notice.  The construction will begin after the end of the school year, once students and staff have departed for summer recess.

Please be assured that that the district is taking all proper precautions for the removal of this material and all construction will proceed under strict compliance with all labor and environmental laws.  Completing the construction in a safe manner is our highest priority. Our district’s environmental consulting firm, JC Broderick and Associates, will be monitoring the air throughout the removal process to ensure that no hazardous materials are detected.

Thank you for your attention and enjoy the final few days of the school year.

Dominick Palma
Superintendent of Schools