TED Talks at Chatterton

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At Chatterton School, 15 sixth-graders participated in the school’s TED-Ed Club, launched this year. Modeled after the popular TED Talks series of online discussions of ideas, the group met every day fifth day of the school cycle during lunch/recess time during the 2018-19 school year.  

Under the direction of teacher/club adviser Andrea McCabe, the Chatterton TED-Ed club provided a unique opportunity for students to choose a topic they are passionate about and create a TED Talk to present to the group.  The club promotes research skills while allowing students to express themselves and practice essential presentation skills. 

During the club cycle, each member engaged in a series of explorations designed to help them present their TED-Talk.  Along the way, club members will become experts in:
Identifying the elements of a great idea
Researching, developing, and presenting an idea
Creating visuals to tell a compelling story
Using best practices for camera, lighting, and sound

Each member of the Chatterton TED-Ed Club filmed a TED Talk for possible posting on TED-Ed social media outlets, ed.ted.com, and the TED-Ed Club YouTube channel. They joined a network of thousands of TED-Ed students around the world, all working to spark and celebrate the ideas of one another. 

Chatterton students Keira Sheridan and Kyle Park recently gave their respective TEDTalks at the June Board of Education meeting before Board members, administrators, teachers, parents and fellow students. Keira spoke about learning new things and stepping out of one’s comfort zone while Kyle spoke on the topic of why we forget things. 

Chatterton’s TED-Ed Club will be expanded to the fifth-grade next year while Birch and Levy Lakeside schools will each launch a TED-Ed Club of their own.