Assemblyman Brings Special Gift as Lakeside Honors Our Heroes

Assemblyman Brings Special Gift as Lakeside Honors Our Heroes photo thumbnail135950

On the morning of September 11, 2019, more than 600 members of the Lakeside family, along with some very special guests, gathered to pay tribute to the heroes who helped so many, so long ago. The ceremony took place around the flagpole at the front of our school. As both, the American Flag and the Levy Lakeside Flag were raised to half mast, the students stood in silence. Speeches were made by student council representatives reminding everyone that each of us has the power to be a hero to someone else. We do not need to wear a cape or a uniform, or carry a fire hose or badge to do this. We do not need to be a grown-up  to perform an act of kindness. We were reminded that whether we are four years of age or 12, we each had the power to make a difference in the lives of others. 

As the Lakeside Lions left the ceremony, they proudly watched the flags flying high in the sky, forever a symbol of our freedom. Especially exciting was seeing the new Lakeside Flag fly for the first time. Our new school flag was personally donated by Assemblyman Dave McDonough. He was one of the special guests in attendance that morning. The Lakeside Lions would like to give a BIG ROAR of thanks to Assemblyman McDonough for his generosity and continued support of our school!

Submitted by Lakeside School