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NWEA MAP Proctor Training


  1. Review the MAP Proctor list of responsibilities:

  2. Complete the On-Line NWEA MAP Proctor training:

    Proctoring Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessments
    Proctoring Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessments for Primary Grades assessments
    Additional Training Material:

  3. Print and review the Proctor Handbook. This guide also contains the scripts to be read before the test is administered. Please review and adjust the script before the day of the test.

    Within the handbook are the student instructions, proctors will read before the 3-6 tests.  The proctor instructions read to students before the primary K-2 test can be found below:

  4. Read “The Proctor and Teacher Duties on Testing Days”

  5. Download Class Rosters from the NWEA Reports Site

  6. Work with Asst. Principals to create a testing schedule.

  7. Use this PowerPoint presentation to familiarize new students with the exam:

  8. How to identify a problematic test item:

  9. To pause or terminate a test during test administration:

  10. Review the “Students Not Tested” report periodically throughout the testing period.