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A lesson on PPE In the Age of COVID-19

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Now, more than ever, it’s crucial for children to understand the importance of personal hygiene. That’s why, Levy Lakeside Elementary School physical education teacher Jen Barba recently visited Mrs. Klein and Mr. Wolf’s first grade classroom to present a lesson on personal protective equipment.

 To explain the importance of using PPE properly, and the proper hand-washing and sanitizing of students’ hands, Ms. Barba read “A Mask is For Me,” by Kristen DeLeon and “Do Not Let Your Dragon Spread Germs,” by Julie Gassman.

Students then created their own "Positive PPE Habit Cards,” which they safely shared with their classmates. “It was a great lesson that the students truly enjoyed,” Mr. Wolf said. 


Levy Lakeside Students Share New Year's Resolutions

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Fourth graders in Mrs. Lagasse's class at Levy Lakeside recently celebrated a New Year's Countdown. As a special gift to their families, students created a 2021 calendar and then shared their New Year's resolutions with their classmates!

First Graders At Lakeside ‘Dive’ Into The New Year

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First graders in Melanie Cutrone’s class at Levy Lakeside Elementary School within the Merrick School District recently “dove” into the new year when they returned to their classroom to find that their desks had transformed into fishbowls. Over the holiday break, Ms. Cutrone worked to design and create fish tanks made of cardstock that she attached to each of her students’ desks.

“I look for any way to help my students feel safe and happy to be in school during these uncertain times,” she said. “Coming back from the holiday break and entering the New Year, I wanted to surprise them with their fishbowl desks as we dive into the new year together.”


‘Desk Pets’ Move In To Students’ Desks At Levy Lakeside

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Desk Pets are moving into students’ desks in Dara Kaplan’s class at Levy Lakeside Elementary School. Third graders, whose desks remain neat and tidy, have been allowed to adopt a desk pet — an animal-shaped eraser — which serves as a reminder to keep their areas clean and uncluttered. Each desk pet comes with food and an adoption certificate that students have been eager to fill out with their pets’ names. Some students have even built small homes for their pets to feel more comfortable.

“My students have been loving this,” Ms. Kaplan said. “It has helped keep them accountable for their areas and has helped to make this year more fun!”


Merrick Students Stay Connected By An ‘Invisible String’

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No matter the distance, our students learned that they are always connected to their family and friends. During a remote school virtual assembly on Dec. 22, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Educational Services Jill Karp read the book, “The Invisible String,” by Patrice Karst.

The premise of the book is that there is an unbreakable connection between loved ones through an “invisible string made of love.”

Students from Birch, Chatterton and Levy Lakeside, grades 3-6, remarked on the book’s relation to the current school year, remote learning and social distancing. One such student, sixth grader Brooke Thatcher, said, “It makes me feel stronger to know that I have support from my friends and family.”

As a way to stay connected during winter break, each of the remote teachers sent their students a “not-so-invisible” string bracelet to remind them every day of the unbreakable ties to their friends at school. Students also received a mini writing notebook which they were encouraged to fill with memories to share with their classmates upon returning to school in January.

Big thanks to teachers, Andrea McCabe, Ruth Rosenberg, Shari Dorfman and Sue Molloy, for planning the assembly!


Lakeside Students Send ‘Ambassador Monarchs’ to Mexico

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Third graders at Levy Lakeside Elementary School are adapting to the ‘new normal’ and finding new innovative ways to build global connections. Students in Foreign Language in Elementary School, or FLES, classes recently participated in “Journey North’s” 25th annual “Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration.”

Students learned authentic lessons of conservation and international cooperation by decorating paper cutout “Symbolic Ambassador Monarchs” to be mailed and distributed to students who attend schools near the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in central Mexico.

In light of the global pandemic, students in Julia Moore’s class joined the celebration with all virtual submissions this year. Instead of physically sending their class ambassador butterfly and cluster of life-sized paper butterflies by postal mail, all butterflies and related paperwork were photographed, scanned and submitted electronically. 

“I'm so glad this traditional event was still able to happen this year, despite the pandemic,” Ms. Moore said. “We're so happy that we didn't miss the trip and can't wait for our butterflies to migrate to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuaries! “


Students At Lakeside Celebrate Winter Solstice

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First graders in Ilene Klein and Chris Wolf's class at Levy Lakeside Elementary School celebrated the first day of Winter on Dec. 21 by wearing white, sharing winter adventures and using shaving cream. The children wrote their names, practiced letter writing and of course, just had fun mushing the shaving cream all around. "We all felt the smiles behind the masks!"

Lakeside Students Celebrate 50th Day of School

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In late November, Levy Lakeside Elementary School kindergarten students in Meaghan Kassnove’s class celebrated the 50th day of school with a “50’s Sock Hop.” The children dressed in attire from the 50s, danced to music from that era and played interactive smart board games comparing life in the 50’s to life today. 

Students Explore Snow and Senses at Levy Lakeside

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When schools reopened in September, students and teachers, both in person and virtual, were faced with the challenge of adjusting to a new learning environment. During the warmer months, educators pushed their classrooms outside to take advantage of the warmer weather. Now, with winter fast approaching, Merrick Union Free School District teachers are bringing the outdoors in. 

Students in Joanne Savastano’s class at Levy Lakeside Elementary School recently took advantage of the snow and did a lesson exploring their five senses. By molding the wintery mix into snowballs and miniature snowmen, students found it to be “wet, cold, white and soft.” Students also learned about different forms of matter as they watched the snow melt, transitioning from solid to liquid form.


Lakeside Students Get Creative For The Holidays

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In the spirit of the holidays, Levy Lakeside Elementary School third graders in Dara Kaplan’s class recently envisioned what it would be like to be trapped inside of a snow globe. Answers ranged from making snowballs, to reading in front of a fire, to drinking hot chocolate. To complete the project, students then colored a snow globe scene and added a picture of themselves pretending to be trapped inside.

Lakeside Students Donate Thanksgiving Baskets To Families In Need

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Merrick first graders in Ilene Klein and Chris Wolf's class at Levy Lakeside Elementary School are helping families in need this holiday season. The students recently donated non-perishable food items, such as canned vegetables, stuffing, cranberry sauce and paper goods to create Thanksgiving baskets to be distributed to families, based on information gathered by the school’s social worker. The class of 16 students also earned money by completing chores at home, which they then donated to the cause, raising more than $100 to benefit local families in need for Thanksgiving.  


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Birch Fifth Graders Use Their Technology Skills to Thank Hospital Workers

For their service learning project, fifth graders at Birch School recently completed a slideshow thanking first responders, specifically hospital workers, for their service to others as they worked the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Under the direction of fifth grade teacher and service learning project coordinator Linda Ronayne, students representing all of the school’s fifth grade classes collaborated on the nearly 10-minute show, incorporating inspiring messages of hope and gratitude and various graphics and images of health care workers, referencing on more than one occasion that they are superheroes. Many students signed their name to their slide.

Ronayne has since converted the slideshow to movie format and distributed it to at least a dozen area hospitals, as well as the Long Island State Veterans Home at Stony Brook University and the Merrick Fire Department.

Lakeside Student Organizes Hoops Fundraiser
Levy Lakeside student Michael Minitti, with help from his sister Madison and parents Cindy and James, organized an Instagram foul shot contest called Hoops to Help. More than 130 kids participated and to date they have raised more than $20,000 for City Harvest and the First Responders Children’s Fund. Michael and Madison were inspired to organize the fundraiser following the recent passing of their beloved grandfather, Anthony Minitti, to COVID-19.

Watch their story on NBC 4

Hear their story on WCBS NewsRadio 880

Birch Musicians Bring Joy in Touch Times

Birch students at their finest...putting on a concert for their neighbors! Kudos to the Rooney and Wang children!

Birch Theatre Residency Presents “Frozen Jr.”

Birch School’s theatre residency recently held its performance of Disney's “Frozen Jr.” Teachers Robert Normandeau and Leslie Wade conducted the sixth season of residency, which consisted of interested fifth and sixth grade students. Great job by the students and teachers in presenting another spectacular show!

LISFA Performers Take the Big Stage

Congratulations to Merrick UFSD’s five students who were selected to perform in the Long Island String Festival Association’s Nassau Intermediate Festival scheduled for March at Uniondale High School. Best of luck to Alon, Gabriel, Lindsay, Luca and Ryan!

Lakeside Lions Collect Toys for Tots
Every holiday season, a local organization called Kiwanis sponsors a toy drive called Toys for Tots. Toys for Tots helps to bring the joy of the holidays to less fortunate children right in our own neighborhood. Lakeside School participated in this drive by collecting seven huge bags filled to the brim with toys! These toys, collected for children in need, will be distributed by Kiwanis to local kids.

The Lakeside Lions have been participating in this drive for many years. It always feels great to join in on such a worthy cause, especially when we know we will be making kids happy during the holiday season. We’re very proud to help The Merrick Kiwanis. Kids helping kids, there is no better way to celebrate the holidays! The Lakeside Lions wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and a Healthy New Year!

- By Madeline H.


Chatterton Sixth-Grade Art Club

Students from Chatterton School’s sixth-grade art club supported this year’s Star Wars art show theme by collaborating to create the awesome giant sculptures you see here! They used a variety of media, such as plastic containers, newspapers, boxes, foam core, masking tape, plaster, cardboard and tempera paint. Justine Dujardin is the school art teacher and art club adviser.

May the Force be with you!


Levy Lakeside Art Club 

The Levy Lakeside fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade art clubs continue to create wonderful works of art during their recess time. 

Fourth-graders created totem poles using recycled cardboard boxes, papier-mâché, paint and a variety of other materials.

Fifth-graders use recycled Styrofoam, plaster of Paris, paint and additional materials to create large sculptures that decorate school and district conference rooms, like this brightly colored llama. 

Sixth-graders collaborated on a large painted mural, this year selecting Winnie the Pooh as the theme.



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