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Lakeside and Birch Students Thank Veterans for Their Service

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In lieu of Levy Lakeside and Birch Elementary Schools’ annual Veterans Day celebrations, members of the schools’ Parent Teachers Associations both shared a virtual presentation with Merrick students. 

In Lakeside’s video, families with members who served and continue to serve in the armed forces spoke about their experiences and shared the importance of Veterans Day with students. Many spoke about positions that they held and where they were stationed throughout their years of service. All of them, thanked the students and the Lakeside community for celebrating their freedoms in observance of Veterans Day.  

“With our annual Veteran’s Day assembly canceled due to COVID-19, we were trying to come up with some way of teaching the students about the importance of Veterans Day,” Lakeside School Principal Elizabeth Trencheny said. “This gives us and them a new opportunity to recognize and thank our community members who are veterans.”

Birch’s video featured students of all grades thanking veterans for their service. Many shared stories and photos of their own family’s heroes, from soldiers in World War II to active men and women serving in the armed forces. 

“We honor you tomorrow on Veterans Day and every day,” Birch School Principal Kerri Galante said.

At lakeside, community members were encouraged to honor family members and friends who served in the United States Military by purchasing an American flag to be flown in front of the school.

Nassau County Legislator Steven Rhoads was also invited to speak in Lakeside’s video, sharing his own family ties to Veterans Day and its importance. 

“Every single generation of Americans has produced men and women of exceptional courage and character, who’ve worn the uniform of our country in defense of our freedoms,” he said. “We need to make sure that we don’t take them for granted and that we’re celebrating the people that through their blood and through their sacrifice have preserved those freedoms for us. That’s what Veteran’s Day is really all about.”

Lakeside PTA Video:


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Levy Lakeside Students Take a Stand Against Bullying

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On Oct. 21, Levy Lakeside Elementary School students celebrated Unity Day, taking a stand against bullying and uniting to promote kindness, acceptance and inclusion. 

In the morning, all students were greeted with positive affirmations that were written in chalk on the school’s sidewalk. As the day progressed, students, both virtual and in-person, decorated face masks to promote positivity and illustrate what it means to be an ally. 

Lori Schneider, a social worker at Lakeside, worked with students to complete their first ‘No Place for Hate’ activity. Students discussed characteristics of an inclusive and accepting community and explored the different definitions associated with bullying, such as “bystander, upstander, teasing, bullying” and “being an ally.”


Levy Lakeside Students Actively Engaged During New School Year

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Students at Levy Lakeside School are gearing up for Autumn and adjusting to the new school year with fun activities, focused on mindfulness, connectivity and diversity.

Third graders have been using the Seesaw app on their computers to create their own personal digital portfolios, or “Be You!” pages. Library and technology teacher Melissa Levine has been working with the students both in person and virtually to promote positive messages and celebrate diversity. The lesson, stemming from the reading of Peter H. Reynolds’s book, “Be You!” was a great start to the new school year.

Dara Kaplan’s third graders got to know their classmates by tracing their hands and outlining their design with adjectives that they felt describe themselves. The students then filled their handprints with nouns and pictures representing things that they love and shared them with their peers.
First graders in Melanie Cutrone’s class recently “drove” into the weekend after transforming their desks into cars, complete with headlights, license plates and even steering wheels.

Those students also enjoyed celebrating Johnny Appleseed’s’ birthday by wearing backward pot hats, and practiced their handwriting on whiteboards. 

Students in Joanne Svastano’s class, enjoyed unscrambling mosaic “Back to School” puzzles to kick off the new school year. In October, they jumped into fall with the design of cornstalks, using tissue paper, cardstock and their imaginations. 

Every afternoon, Daphna Arm’s fourth graders enjoy pushing the classroom outside to enjoy the weather and a good book. The daily “Readers Workshop” improves students literacy skills while allowing them to safely interact and discuss their favorite books with their classmates. Third graders in Ms. Kaplan’s class have also enjoyed reading outside.

Students Plant the Seeds of Gratitude at Lakeside

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Third graders at Levy Lakeside School recently read 'The Giving Tree' by Shel Silverstein and discussed what they were grateful for. Students each received a leaf that they decorated and wrote something that they were grateful for. We loved their answers so much that we hung them up in our hallway! Great job students!

Levy Lakeside students celebrate International Dot Day

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Third graders in Dara Kaplan’s class at Levy Lakeside School celebrated International Dot Day on Sept. 15. Students read ‘The Dot’ by Peter H. Reynolds, watched a video by Mr. Reynolds discussing his book and listened to ‘The Dot Song’ by Emily Arrow. After learning about courage and collaboration, students expressed their creativity by decorating their very own dots. “We learned that we can start anything by making a mark and seeing where it takes us,” Ms. Kaplan said.